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I’m so glad you stumbled across Segura & Co.

Nothing makes me more excited than to have the opportunity to share with you my latest discoveries, mostly about fashion, travel destinations, food, lifestyle and some learnings I picked up here and there.


Having a degree in Communication Arts and being exposed to various sides of media while in the university, my interests have grown to be multifaceted. That made picking a career after graduation a bit challenging. I couldn’t decide whether I want to pursue a job in tv or film production, magazine publication, events or advertising agency. Classic story.

A year after graduation and working for a while in the Philippines, I found myself living in the middle east where I found a pretty stable job. Since the region is favorable for traveling, I used it to my advantage to fulfill my longtime dream. I spent my annual savings to travel to my dream destinations – Paris, Milan, Rome, Ibiza, Stockholm, London, and many more. It was beautiful and fun!

Then I realized, I want more than a stable job. I want to create.

I followed my heart and created something that I love, which I called,

Segura & Co.

Sheryl Segura founded Segura & Co. in 2015 to showcase her very own shoe line and fashion brand. The site has since then grown to become more than an e-commerce and paves an avenue where she shares her style and inspiring discoveries.

More than a guide on how to mix and match fashion pieces, Segura & Co. is now a destination for a curated style that features key essential pieces that are available to shop online.

dress and sneakers
dress and sneakers