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5 Reasons Why You Need Facial Masks

My skincare regimen has always been simple and I prefer it that way because unfortunately, I have a sensitive skin. I often get breakouts by using the wrong products for my oily skin or by eating the wrong food.

ColourPop-pin’ – A Lippie Stix Review

My morning routine will never be complete without a lipstick. In fact, I can leave home without wearing any other beauty products but just a lipstick! Okay, I’m lying. That rarely happens because whenever I start putting anything on my face, my entire routine always follows and one of the products that I can’t live without is a lipstick. I’m slightly addicted to it.

Feeling so summery…

It may be weird enough but I feel so happy to be back in Doha after spending a short three weeks in the Philippines. Although it’s mostly a working kind of vacay mode, I’m still glad that I had the chance to relax, reboot and see the world with fresh eyes.

No Makeup Look

I am always fond of natural and effortless look makeup, although in reality you still put a bit of an effort to look effortless. If you are like me who loves sleeping…

Hues of Red

It’s the love month yet again and to inspire you to come up with a date night look or simply to give you an idea to gift yourself or friends, we have…


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