How to Dress Up Sneakers for Business Style

A good pair of sneakers has become an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe. From sports and lifestyle events to red carpets, nowadays your choice of sneakers has become a form of self-expression. While heels have their time and place at the office, more and more people are opting for comfort and including sneakers into their office style. However, it can be a bit tricky to know what to wear with a pair of sneakers when you don’t want to come across as too casual. So, if you want to dress for your job more comfortably, here are some simple ways to incorporate sneakers into the business style:

Dress Up Sneakers for Business Style

Business suits

Instead of the usual option of high heeled shoes or pointy flats, why not update your go-to business look by pairing your favorite suit with trendy Adidas sneakers? Opt for refined tops to match the shoes perfectly, such as a classic white button-down to achieve a more serious look or a basic T-shirt for a more business casual style. A combination like this will give you a relaxed and very comfortable look while still remaining professional and business-appropriate.

Dress Up Sneakers for Business Style

Monochromatic jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are a commonly overlooked wardrobe staple that can look incredibly chic on almost any occasion. A well-tailored smart jumpsuit in black paired with contrasting white sneakers makes for a chic, modern take on the classic business style while still maintaining a polished and professional look. Whether you choose to wear it alone and pair it with matching minimalistic accessories or you opt for a structured or oversized blazer on top, there is no doubt you will stun everyone at the office with your incredible look.

Dress Up Sneakers for Business Style

Skinny trousers and a button-down

For a trendy, fashionable spin on the classic skinny trousers and button-down shirt combination, try pairing them with a cool pair of sneakers. Opt for a French tuck that will show off your elegant belt and choose a stylish tote or messenger bag to complete your look. Although this outfit may be more appropriate for casual Fridays or a more relaxed working environment, it is still a great way to incorporate sneakers into a staple business casual outfit.

Straight leg jeans and a blazer

Another great way to add sneakers to an office-appropriate outfit is by choosing a pair of classic straight leg jeans and a smart blazer. This base gives you a lot of room to play with, as anything from a basic white T-shirt to a silk blouse or camisole will undoubtedly look great paired with these wardrobe staples. Remember to stick to neutral colors, preferably black and grey, in order to achieve a more refined, business-appropriate look, and feel free to play around with accessories to give this basic outfit a personal touch.

Dress Up Sneakers for Business Style

Pleated trousers

A pair of paper bag trousers or fashionable culottes can do wonders to your personal business style, especially when they are paired with trendy sneakers. This type of look goes great with almost anything, from camisoles and dressy shirts and blouses to even turtlenecks and thin knitwear. Paired with a classic structured blazer and accessorized with minimalistic jewelry, this outfit exudes professionalism and a refined sense of style.

Midi-length skirts

Midi-length skirts are a business style staple in most of our wardrobes, but we rarely think to pair them with anything other than a basic blazer and our favorite heels. However, a pair of simple, refined sneakers goes incredibly well with a pencil skirt and a structured top and creates a very modern and sophisticated look. Slip-on sneakers are also a great way to dress down a pleated midi skirt and it looks incredibly chic and office appropriate paired with a staple fine-knit sweater.

Dress Up Sneakers for Business Style


Although more appropriate for casual offices and relaxed workplace environments, denim works incredibly well with the ongoing sneaker trend. Whether your preference is skinny, boot-cut or wide-leg jeans, every pair of sneakers will look great with these modern hemlines. Paired with a basic T-shirt or a simple button-down and an oversized blazer or coat on top, this look makes for an incredibly chic, street style-inspired outfit that is equal parts fashionable and business casual appropriate.


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