Casual Look With Statement Earrings

I’ve had these beautiful blue feather earrings for a while, which I really loved, but never had the chance to wear because I can’t figure out what kind of outfit would perfectly match them. Today, I’m so glad to finally give its moment.

Spring Blooms

Time flies and spring is finally here and not only that – it’s also finally the weekend! Yay! For me, weekend usually means having a full breakfast either at home or at some cafe/restaurant in town whenever I decide not to sleep in. I used to be the kind of person who doesn’t really care what she eats as long as it tastes good…

8 Travel Must-Haves

 Sure it is fun and exciting to see new places and create adventures, aside from having the urge to check if these places are actually as beautiful as they are in the…


Pastel Vintage Vibe

Although Doha is a tiny city, there are still some places that I still haven’t got the chance to see and visit after living here for seven years. Perhaps that’s because when…

A Day In A Life Of A Flight Attendant

  As a person who feels invigorated by seeing new places, interacting with strangers and immersing myself to various cultures, I always wonder what it would feel like to get paid while…

No Makeup Look

I am always fond of natural and effortless look makeup, although in reality you still put a bit of an effort to look effortless. If you are like me who loves sleeping…

Hues of Red

It’s the love month yet again and to inspire you to come up with a date night look or simply to give you an idea to gift yourself or friends, we have…

Trench Coat Weather In Doha!

The weather in Doha has suddenly dropped and I just woke up one morning feeling so cold under my blanket. I know for sure this chilly weather would not last for a…

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